Welcome to my site about the Raspbery Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized single board computer. Created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation (U.K.), its use has exploded among all sorts of students, hobbyists, and both professional and amateur experimenters. Despite its tiny size, the RPi runs Linux (among other operating systems) and can do much of what large servers do up to and including hosting complete websites. A very strong feature for experimenters is the GPIO interface letting the RPi easily interact with and control digital and mechanical devices. This cybernetic tyke’s capacities spurs experimenters to create all sorts of awesome projects.

A place for posting project recipes, tutorials, news, and articles defines this site’s existence. Please visit from time to time and I hope you enjoy. All the best in your own experimenting. Ralph Roberts


On July 14, 2014, came release of the latest Raspberry Pi model, the B+. Selling for the same list price as the Model B ($35.00), the B+ offers several minor improvements over the Model B. For example, we now have four USB ports instead of two and additional functions on the GPIO. When I get mine, I’ll put up a review.